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How to create an ambient mood at home!

Candles in the House

I am a huge fan of candles in the house. Hardly any evening goes by without a number of candles being pleasantly lit. Sometimes a lot of pillar candles and sometimes just a few tea lights. I just love that coziness. Where i used to light 30 to 40 candles in one evening ( I am not exaggerating now). Nowadays I keep myself tidy and limit it to a number of candles in each corner.

Good for the environment

Apart from some fables that a lot of candles in the house would be unhealthy (note: this is a fable), it is super good for the environment. They secretly give off quite a lot of heat. The heating will really automatically work a lot less hard to heat your house. They also emit light, so you may turn on fewer lights. After all, you want to create atmosphere. Candles therefore contribute well to lowering your energy bill and they increase the atmosphere. What else do you want?!


Virgo, Zodiac Candle

Black Dantés Skull in Secret Sucré

Confetti Cake in a Cup Candle

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